OK Money Coach, LLC

Mitch Korolewicz, MBA, AFC

Financial Counseling and Planning




Frequently Asked Questions


How do we get started?


To get started, simply click on the "Contact Me" link and complete the form.  You may also email me at okmoneycoach@cox.net or call me at 918.810.4664 to schedule an appointment.  Sessions can be done at my office in Tulsa or if it is more convenient we can have phone,  online or email sessions.

What do I need to have ready for my first session?


At our first session, we'll do an intake.  This means I ask you many questions and figure out exactly where to start in our process.  You do not need to prepare anything.


How often do we meet?


Based on the details of your financial situation, I will customize the frequency of appointments to meet your needs.  Often clients begin with weekly appointments while others prefer two sessions a month.  It is a process that is unique for everyone. Don't have time for appointments?  Click on the OK Money Coach Institute tab and learn about my Money Encounter Weekend.  The Money Encounter Weekend will allow you to accelerate the process of financial planning.  At the end of the Money Encounter Weekend you will be well on your way to gaining control of your money and having a plan for your financial future.


How long is an appointment?


In-office sessions last 30-60 minutes. However, with today's technology there should be no barriers to obtaining good financial counseling and planning.  So if it is inconvenient for you to come to my office we can meet by phone, email, text or chat. 


What are your typical client hours?


My private practice hours are by appointment and are flexible to meet my clients needs.


How can I pay you?


You can pay by cash, check or through PayPal.


Please Note:  I am not a credit counselor and this is not credit counseling.  Money coaching is a process that addresses long-standing financial behaviors and beliefs and focuses on helping people create sustainbable change.