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Mitch Korolewicz, MBA, AFC

Financial Counseling and Planning




Just Imagine...
 A Life Free of Money Concerns

Are money problems keeping you up at night? Do you worry about your financial future?  Is money a source of conflict in your personal relationships? 

I know how that feels and I can help.... 

I have experienced the stress of dealing with money problems. I am aware of how financial issues impact all areas of our lives, especially our relationships. I know what it is like to worry about paying my monthly bills, saving for my children's college education, taking care of elderly parents and saving for retirement. It can be overwhelming!


 I have also experienced the wonderful feeling of gaining control of my finances and living a life free of money concerns.  Ever since I learned to take charge of my finances I have been on a mission to help others learn to become financially free as well. This mission has led me to form OK Money Coach, LLC, a financial counseling and planning practice where I work with indiviudals, couples  and families to help them solve their current money issues and plan for their financial future. My holistic approach to financial planning takes into account your money personality and money communication style to help keep your personal relationships harmonious and your financial planning productive.  

I Can Help If You Are:


  • Struggling with ongoing debt                   
  • Stressed and anxious about money
  • Fighting with your partner about money
  • Unable to build meaningful savings
  • Confused about how to plan for the future
  • Worried about your retirement

Financial Peace Can Be Yours

  • Uncover those hidden barriers to your financial success.

  • Learn how you and your partner can "team up" on your finances and take charge of your money.


  • Explore your attitudes towards money and how they affect both your financial well being and your relationship with your partner.



Most importantly

Start living a life free of financial fear and worry

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